Jolanda Timmerman is a graduate of the renowned Radboud University, with degrees in Political Science and Urban & Regional Planning. Fred Lankamp has a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in drums, from the Conservatory of Arnhem (now ArtEZ), and is regarded as one of the best drum teachers in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg (Benelux), with Fred and the Fred Lankamp Drumschool that he and Jolanda founded in 2004 consistently voted Benelux’s “Best Drum Teacher” and “Best Drum School” by Percussion Newspaper.

Jolanda works for Provincie Gelderland (municipal council) across town planning, communications and community-building projects, and also serves as Creative Director of the Fred Lankamp Drumschool.

Jolanda and Fred — who met as neighbours in Terborg at the age of 12 and have been together ever since — have always been interested in human behaviour, and both love music and the interaction involved in teaching. In addition to their native Dutch, Jolanda is fluent in English and German, and Fred in English.

  • Jolanda Timmerman, co-founder of the World Transformation Movement Arnhem Centre
  • Jolanda and Fred with their dogs
  • Fred Lankamp, co-founder of the World Transformation Movement Arnhem Centre
  • Joni Mitchell Stardust quote with sun rising in the background

“The information has brought us so much understanding of each other and a greater perspective of the world we live in. And it has brought us so much joy and freedom. It is really amazing.” Jolanda Timmerman

“It is a great relief to finally understand the real scientific, biological explanation of the human condition. This explanation has made us more secure about ourselves because we now know we humans are not bad at all, after all. We are all equally good. In fact, humans are the heroes of the story of life on Earth.” Fred Lankamp

Fred and Jolanda feel enormously privileged to teach and share the joy, love and emotional connection that music brings to humans of all ages. With understanding of the human condition, Fred is now especially aware of how music (and other forms of art) has the power to express the truth of our species’ corrupted condition and of the true beauty in our world that our corrupted, alienated, denial-practising human condition blocks access to; as the great novelist Victor Hugo wrote, ‘Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to remain silent.’ This understanding has enriched his love of music and his empathy with his students.